Thursday, November 8, 2012

A New Adventure

My husband and I have just sold our house! A sad but exciting move as we are planning to build our dream home over the next couple of months (okay.. It may take more than just a few months)

I can't help but feel a bit sad saying goodbye to our home for the last 4 and a half years. We started our family at this home and we will forever cherish it in our hearts.

Dreamy Outfits for Spring/Summer 2012

No more mommy-leggings and long tops for me. This summer is all about change... Here is my inspiration:

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Baby Girl Mia's Dedication

Birdy Baby Shower: Hatching Soon!

I was honored to surprise one of my oldest and dearest friends with a birdy-themed baby shower.  
With the help of my Sister (she was the lovely designer for all the printables) we made themed cupcake-toppers (Hatching soon, Sweet Tweets and Thanks for being so TWEET), a birdy clothing line for the guests to pin up some trusted advice and tips, we had a photo-booth, and had special mocktails to sip on: Mamarita's and Lullaby Lemonade. The Sweet Tweets table was an absolute hit. I had so much fun planning this special day!

And now, I am proud to announce that the little birdy finally hatched... Healthy and GORGEOUS...just like her mommy:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Baby Girl Mia's DIY Nursery

So the many hours of work has finally paid off. Our little baby girl Mia (due in only 7 weeks!) finally has her own perfect little room.  We had so much fun preparing every little detail and put hours of thought and consideration into every aspect of it.

I wanted a palette of Pink, Vintage Red and Powder blue... and I think we got it right! 

Of course I couldn't do all of this by myself, and had lots of hands helping to complete this lovely nursery.  A big thanks goes out to my Godmother and Aunt Susaar who came with her suitcases and sewing machine and spent so many hours sewing together all the little pieces.  

I wanted flags and hearts and lots of it! I didn't like any of the designs and colour schemes I saw in the shops, and I was even disappointed at the prices of Cots and Compactums.  I therefore decided to embark on this wonderful DIY journey of creating our little girl's nursery exactly how I envisioned it. 

Here's what we did:
  • Sourced raw pine cot and work bench and painted it off white (Potters Clay from Dulux)
  • Painted the walls a nice neutral colour (Chalk Blush from Dulux) so that it will fit in with any colour scheme.
  • Hand picked selected fabrics (Hertex Fabric) and made quilt, flags, hearts and cot bumper.
  • Refurbished an old bookcase and painted it white, then decorated it with the same flags to match with the room.
  • Used ready made curtains that we "spruced" up with fabric and ribbons to fit colour scheme.
  • Used gifts (stuffed animals), vintage pieces (The red chair was Ryan's grandmother's and the Christening dress was my own) and some of Mia's cutest outfits to help decorate the room and make it more cozy
  • Borrowed a cot net from my husband's Aunt, saved big bucks not having to buy one ourselves
  • Put lots and lots of hard work, love and soul into this project...and that was the most important "ingredient" of all!